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 ERASMUS+ NEW LONG-TERM PROJECT: Interoperability of Educational Institutions for supporting innovation and exchange of good practice

We are starting a new long-term project (maybe first ERASMUS+ KA1, then KA2) in which we will find cooperation compatibility, measurable criteria for them.


Interoperability – state in which two things (and more) are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.


Interoperative collaboration is becoming more important worldwide. It is being introduced within European Union Academy programms of education (URL: Solutions for interoperative collaboration for different types of educational organisations are:


[1] solutions for easier integration of programms;
[2] combining the content of programms;
[3] design for change;
[4] etc


To create most efficient architecture of interoperative collaboration in education (architecture as an art to design specific system of education in micro-, mezo-, macro levels; e.g. at municipal, national, international levels) it is necessary to implement scientifically based strategies, tactics and tools.


Application here:




Best Regards, Aivars Lasmanis


[1] Health Institute Foundation (Latvia); Organisation ID: E10269279


[2] MTÜ International Centre for Educational  Research and Practice (Estonia)


Chairman of the Boards. 
PhD in Education in the field of Pedagogy, practitioner, researcher, trainer


Phone: (+371) 29113357


Address: Health Institute, Riga Street 22, Valka, Valka county, LV-4701, Latvia




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